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DAYA wants to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to live a life they want to live, through evidence-based, high-quality interventions within education, public health, and nutrition.

Key Mission

1. Provide access to education to unprivileged children.
2. Provide access to health care to unprivileged children
3. Women empowerment through skill training.

“DAYA” (Destitute Aged and Young Association), founded in 1996 is a voluntary non-profit making child & women-focused organization registered under the Societies Act of India with a goal to work for the poorest of the poor both in rural and urban areas in the state of Orissa, one of the most economically backward states of India. The Hindi word DAYA means “compassion” in English. DAYA is registered under 12A, FCRA

Our Method

We are working in Odisha, using a satellite operational structure, with our head office implementing the projects through small centers in the field. This gives us a better community connection and enables us to work closely with the communities.  Our head office is located in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. We have small Child Development Centres in Bhubaneswar (1), Badapada (2), Janla (1) and Sundarpur (1) that ensure the implementation of the projects in these localities, guided by the central staff.

We strongly believe that our interventions should be research-based and closely monitored to ensure greater impact. We think that NGOs should work on supporting the government initiatives and build a bridge between available support and the most disadvantaged groups in society. We believe that our role as an NGO is to innovate and help increase the knowledge about effective interventions for development.

Our team


Dr. Anna Strøm Basiston is a medical doctor, educated in Oslo, Norway. She has been the CEO of DAYA since 2018. She has several years’ experience in public health and education interventions. Her areas of expertise are public health nutrition, data use in public health, and evidence-based public health.