Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty!

Even though there is free public education for children in India, many times it is difficult for them to learn. The classrooms are overfilled, teachers are underpaid and overworked and parents have little education, if any. It is common for children to fail and have to repeat classes. With lack of support and progress it is easy for them to lose motivation and stop going to school altogether.

A developing brain needs proper nutrition. According to our investigations in the slum where we are working, almost half the children are undernourished and almost all of them have a low intake of fruit. Malnutrition can affect the brain permanently.

The child center have 30 children, ages 4-16 years. It is open three hours per day (4 pm-7pm). The children are divided in two groups and we have four teacher for 15 children. We follow up each child individually and look at their academic progress, health status and family situation.

There are lots of children interested in attending our tuition center. As we get additional sponsors we can increase the number of children participating in the program. Requirements are that the children must be residing in the nearby slum and if they are above the age of 6 they must be attending regular school.